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About the PURP

Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program (PURP) is a program created to contribute to the socio-economic revitalization of Paramaribo historic center and the conservation of its built heritage, including the strengthening of the Management Authority and the development of a Tourism Plan.

The specific objectives are:

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Zeelandiaweg 7, Paramaribo – Suriname

Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital, has 243,556 inhabitants, or 45 percent of the country’s population. The Historic Center, consisting of a core of 48 hectares and a buffer zone of more than 100 hectares, in 2002 was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

This concentration of historic and cultural heritage buildings and monuments as well as of urban sites has great potential to contribute to the city’s sustainable and equitable development. Yet, the area suffers from physical, social and economic decay, which undermines its potential and poses a threat to its physical assets and its UNESCO Heritage Site designation


The loan agreement (PURP) was signed in April 2017 and launched in October 2017. The MINOWC through the Directorate of Culture, is the appointed executive agency and is supported by the Stichting Gebouwd Erfgoed Suriname (SGES). SGES has an advisory role in the implementation of PURP, as it is the designated management authority for the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) in Suriname. The Directorate of Culture has established a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to collaborate with the SGES to implement the program.

The program will renovate the city’s public spaces, rehabilitate heritage buildings, create new housing projects in order to offer renting options to a mixed-income population, and develop new business strategies with private sector participation. The program will also finance the strengthening of the Suriname Built Heritage Foundation and the creation of key planning tools to guide the Historic Center sustainable revitalization process.