PURP Mission

The PURP Mission consists of four (4) main components.

  • Component 1 comprises the design and implementation of strategic urban interventions intended to reverse the physical deterioration of the historic center and trigger a sustainable revitalization process (USD 15 million).
  • Component 2’s goal is to contribute to the revitalization process by turning the historic center into a lively part of the city attracting new residents and businesses (USD 2.2 million)
  • Component 3 will establish and strengthen the institutions required to guide the historic center’s revitalization process in a sustainable manner and allow the effective implementation of this program’s activities reinforcement (USD 1.5 million).
  • Component 4 will finance the personnel and other recurrent costs required for supporting the program’s administration during its implementation reinforcement (USD 1.3 million).

Urban interventions mainly concerns the rehabilitation of the Waterfront, the restoration of monumental buildings and the improvement of traffic mobility. The Waterfront will be renewed and upgraded to make it more representative and more attractive for locals and tourists through recreational and cultural facilities. The program will also focus on redirecting traffic, constructing cycle paths, improving the sidewalk and tackling the parking problem.