Scavenger Hunt

Discover the historic city center of Paramaribo!

It is mainly the white wooden buildings with their green windows that make  the historic center of Paramaribo so special.  But it’s also the beautiful age-old mahogany trees, which you still find in some streets, that make you feel like time has stood still. Paramaribo is so special that the city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002.

Are you a real detective and do you want to enjoy Paramaribo at the same time? Then download this Scavenger Hunt. It was developed with care, allowing you to explore the inner city in a group or individually. Along the way you have enough time to look around and take the best selfies. 

Did you know that one of the most photogenic locations of Paramaribo can be found at the waterfront? There are beautiful historic buildings where many professional and amateur photographers have already taken the most beautiful pictures.

Can you not wait until you can finally head out and partake in the Scavenger Hunt yourself? Watch the mini-documentary below to get a preview of what it is like . Cynthia McLeod and Matai Zamuel walk the Scavenger Hunt route through the center of Paramaribo. Along the way they come across everything and discuss what they see. After this, you certainly want to know for yourself and go on a journey of discovery!